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With the average life cycle of a marine elevator being around the 25 year mark, older elevators will probably still be running after this time, but an elevator modernisation would actually reduce the operating cost and increase the productivity especially if it is on a cruiser vesselor a ferry.

As a client you will want to reach another 25 years of hassle free operation with a fully medernised system. With this in mind we only use quality components from the leading component makers, something which is critical for doors, controllers and traction machines).

Depending on the overall condition of an elevator that we are about to modernise we would generally recommend and replace the following components; control panel, trailing cable, landing and car doors, ropes, traction machine and sheaves, car interior, bearings and door controllers. Once we have completed this process your elevator will be in a perfect running condition again.

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Location. Worldwide
Location. Worldwide
Location. Worldwide
Client: Galaxy Corp
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