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Paternoster Lift

Service Description

A Paternoster is a type of passenger lift which popular in continental Europe during the first half of the 20th century. Consisting of a chain of open compartments that move in a loop inside the building without stopping, passengers step off at the desired floor, trying, of course, not to trip over.

The construction of new Paternosters is no longer allowed in many countries because of the high risk of accidents, in 1989, the Paternoster in Newcastle University's Claremont Tower was taken out of service after a passenger undertaking an up-and-over journey became caught in the drive chain, necessitating a rescue by the Fire Service. A conventional elevator was subsequently installed in its place. This accident led to an 18-month close-down of all UK paternosters for a safety review.

As a result of safety issues, many such paternosters have been shut down, however a small few survive around the world. The largest of these is located in the Arts Tower at the University of Sheffield, which when it need servicing there was a real struggle for them for any company to take this on for them, it is a speciality that no company offers. We were happy to help and with our vast knowledge we have been servicing and keeping the lift in working condition ever since.

The above video footage shows the Paternoster paired against a convential lift at the Arts Tower in a show of speed at transporting students.

Service Details

Location. Arts Tower
Date. 12/4/2014
Client: Sheffield University
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