As well as the usual passenger lifts, goods lifts, services lifts, access lifts, hydraulic lifts, dumb waiters etc.. We also provide expertise to the lesser known and unique lift equipment, such as the Paternoster (with only a few left in existence) - We are proud to have completed a full refurbishment of the Paternoster at University of Sheffield's Arts Tower - which is believed to be the the largest Paternoster in all of Europe.


Built over fifty years ago, It is the largest ever cyclic elevator with thirty eight, two person, cars in a chain of open compartments that move in a loop up and down the building without stopping. Passengers can step on or off the paternoster at any floor. To return this machine to it’s former glory the cars were removed, strengthened and re-clad to match the original finish. Every effort has been made to keep it’s originality sympathetic to it’s listed status.

It has been completely rewired with new controls and additional lighting. The gearbox and sprockets have been re-cut. The wooden guides have been replaced where necessary; some additional safety features have been introduced such as traffic light indication and automated voice announcements. This has not affected the original character.

The journey between two floors only takes thirteen seconds, making this the most effective way to travel between close floors.

Seventy six people can be moved up and down the Arts Tower at any one time which is more than a double decker bus.

Weighing over twenty tonnes without passengers, this is an engineering achievement that deserves the preservation that it has received.